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Vicinity of Maiden LN SW in Roanoke
Leaking roof and some leaking around chimney flashing.
Vicinity of Wilmont Avenue NW in Roanoke
I think the clips that hold up the gutter to the front side of the house are not flush with the roof as when it rains, I see rain coming through the space where the gutter is supposed to be attached to the roof.
Vicinity of Summit RIdge Rd in Roanoke
Not sure how old the roof is, but it looks a bit worn and we have developed a very large leak that went a while before we discovered it (in garage). Looking at it in the attic that area definitely needs some sheathing replaced.
Vicinity of Grandin Road in Roanoke
Need copper valley replaced on the back of this house (slate roof). Jeremiah replaced the last one in November so see if he is available for this one.
Vicinity of Eden Dr NW in Roanoke
Need quote for roof repair or full replacement with financing.
Vicinity of Arcadia Dr. NW in Roanoke
Need new gutters for ranch single family home. Thank you
Vicinity of Elm Ave SW in Roanoke
Roof leaks creating a mess with my foam insulation. Gutter guy working for me seems to think that the foam insulation compramised my roof boards and metal shingles creating leaks.
Vicinity of Kentland Drive in Roanoke
I would like to get a quote for a new roof. There are 2 existing levels of shingles so those would need to be torn off.
Vicinity of Mohawk Ave in Roanoke
Wanting an estimate for replacing exsisting asphalt roof with a metal roof.
Vicinity of Livingston Road SW in Roanoke
Part of my roof needs to be replaced. The house has a porch-turned laundry room which was build long before I owned the house. The roof material is a strange plastic and the wood underneath is rotting. A piece of metal roofing would look nice there.
Vicinity of Memorial Ave SW in Roanoke
Need vinyl siding put under soffits and facing. House is brick, 2 stories. Some vinyl needs replacement, need new put on facing.
Vicinity of Cedar Meade Drive in Roanoke
Estimate on a roof.
Vicinity of Memorial Ave SW in Roanoke
I'd like to get an estimate on adding stairs and an additional deck to the back of our home.
Vicinity of Sourwood St in Roanoke
We are closing on our new house on Sourwood next week (SO EXCITED)! The house's deck could use a little work. I would like to extend the deck and add stairs to the ground. I'd love to get an estimate and see what kind of cost and timeframe we're looking at! THanks so much
Vicinity of Green Ridge Rd., NW in Roanoke
Need total roof replacement for church buildings (3).
Vicinity of Deer Haven Dr in Roanoke
New casement windows for home.
Vicinity of Westhampton Ave SW in Roanoke
I am interested in getting a quote for new gutters and possibly doing the vinyl soffitt.
Vicinity of Andrews Road NW in Roanoke
I would like to have my front door, and all windows in my home replaced. I think there are approximately 12-14 total.
Vicinity of Dawn Circle in Roanoke
We bought our home last October, and it appears the Soffit in the front of the home is pretty soft from water damage towards the front of the soffit near the gutters. Only noticed one spot on the rear of the house's soffit that felt soft where a small hole has formed. To be upfront, I'm planning to get a few estimates from different contractors on what it would cost to replace the soffits and estimates on what it may cost for different materials to be used (i.e., wood vs. aluminum or other).
Vicinity of Crumpacker Drive in Roanoke
Need a quote to replace front deck and steps
Vicinity of Henry Farms in Roanoke
I have two shingles (not Squares) that came off. Do you work on things this small? I can provide a picture if necessary. Thanks Greg
Vicinity of Tully Drive in Roanoke
We have a 800 square foot rubberized flat roof on our almost 3 car garage/carport that is suppose to be used as a deck. When we bought this house in 1999 it had a worn layer of indoor-outdoor carpet on it. We honestly have never used the deck much because of the black dust that you get on your feet. We have had water leaks and have made several attempts to repair. We are researching ways to repair or alternatives to fixing it to make it useable.
Vicinity of Arbutus Ave in Roanoke
Vicinity of Hathaway Drive in Roanoke
Need gutters and downspouts for a ranch style home. Approximate totals: 80' of gutters; and 60' of downspout. I am ready to purchase now.
Vicinity of Stanley Ave SE in Roanoke
1.One soffit corner has water damage and needs repair. 2.The original wood room that extends from the back of our foursquare house has a piece of base wood with water damage and needs replacing. 3. Porch concrete trim is peeling off in large chunks.
Vicinity of King George Ave SW in Roanoke
Water is coming in the back door and kitchen ceiling, from the above roof and gutter.
Vicinity of Soft Drive in Roanoke
Need to have caulking around the chimmney.
Vicinity of Deer Branch Drive in Roanoke
I'm not sure I need new gutters, I need assistance where the gutters go into the ground. During periods of rain that is anything more than a "sprinkle", the water overflows out of the connections where the gutter goes into the piping in the ground.
Vicinity of Crittendon Ave in Roanoke
Looking for a roof replacement quote.
Vicinity of Twelve Oclock Knob Rd in Roanoke
Looking to receive estimates on a new roof and also on gutters. I am currently price checking. Thanks
Vicinity of Terrace Road in Roanoke
Would like to replace the windows in our old home in the Raleigh Court area. Looking for a quote.
Vicinity of ORLANDO AVE in Roanoke
Need an estimate on a new roof either asphalt or a metal with new gutters and sky light.
Vicinity of Eagle Circle in Roanoke
Pressed board siding on chimney is swelled. Would like replaced with cement board. Would also like to have roof cleaned of mold.
Vicinity of Laburnum Ave SW in Roanoke
Need to replace existing roof
Vicinity of Windsor Ave SW in Roanoke
Replace gutters and downspouts
Vicinity of Morehead Ave SE in Roanoke
Leaking roof in rear of house (addition) and loose siding on second level in front of house.
Vicinity of Lakeland Dr in Roanoke
Need to have estimate for gutter repair and or replacement.
Vicinity of Forest Hill Ave in Roanoke
Looking for new roof and trim/facias
Vicinity of Downing St in Roanoke
Looking for a quote on replacement windows. I bay window and 7 other window's.
Vicinity of Willowlawn St in Roanoke
Cover from attic fan came off and is broken and needs repair or replacement.
Vicinity of Castle Rock Road in Roanoke
I have a wood pecker problem and need to have siding put up sooner than I was anticipating.
Vicinity of Memorial Ave Sw in Roanoke
I would like to have some repairs made to my deck and gutter downspouts.
Vicinity of Summit Ave in Roanoke
Would like to replace existing cedar shake siding on dormers of House. Also would like to get an estimate on replacing the roof, repairing some of the overhangs. House built in 1926 and needs a little TLC in those areas.
Vicinity of Apricot Trail in Roanoke
Need to get a window repaired. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Vicinity of Frontier Road NW in Roanoke
Need full roof replacement. Only one layer of shingles currently.
Vicinity of Winona Avenue, SW in Roanoke
I am planning a kitchen reno in my 100 year old house. I need to have two large vinyl double hung kitchen windows resized in order to allow a countertop to be run under the windows. The job would include patching and replacing trim, and coming up with a solution for the outside area since the house has custom vinyl siding. I would also like the two small attic windows replaced.
Vicinity of Gala Drive in Roanoke
A few shingles have gotten loose and fallen off with this storm. We were just trying to get an estimate to see how much it'd cost to fix.
Vicinity of Garstland Dr NW in Roanoke
Missing shingles
Vicinity of Peachtree Valley Drive in Roanoke
Replacing a 35x12 deck with a 43 x 40 deck with a rook over approximately 25 feet of it.
Vicinity of Pitzer Rd in Roanoke
10 full-frame replacement windows (due to rot in original frame/sill) Replacement Gutters
Vicinity of Bluefield Blvd in Roanoke
I have a roof vent that has come loose up at the top of my 1 story house. Need new one or reattach current. Also need gutters replaced.
Vicinity of Westdale Rd in Roanoke
Leak from the roof
Vicinity of El Ave SE in Roanoke
Existing covered wood front porch needs repair, possibly steps repaired. Two capitals need to be replaced (originals broken by previous contractor). Back steps are broken and unsafe. Would like to build small deck instead.
Vicinity of Maiden Lane SW in Roanoke
We have a longstanding leak in our sunroom roof we need repaired and a new leak in our chicken coop roof we also need to repair.
Vicinity of Cavalier Drive in Roanoke
We Have some areas of wood siding that need replaced. Would like a HardiPlank material if possible. Looking for an estimate of the affected areas. Thank you very Much Megan
Vicinity of FLORALAND DR NW in Roanoke
Need new roof, extend gutter, repair small portion of back porch ceiling
Vicinity of Hunters Trl in Roanoke
I have roof leaks on my attached screened in porch where the roof meets the main roof. Leaking on the floor in at least 3 spots.
Vicinity of Tamarack in Roanoke
We have some leakage around dryer vent opening and maybe other places on the roof. We would like an inspection of flashing and estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Ave in Roanoke
Need to schedule to have a quote for having my roof replaced on my home
Vicinity of South Peak Boulevard in Roanoke
I have two vents that need flashing all around them.need a quote
Vicinity of Summerset Dr in Roanoke
Hi, My two story house roof has two small leakage around roof vent, and Skylight. I am wondering if you give me an estimate of the cost of the repair. thanks,
Vicinity of Muirfield in Roanoke
I emailed this to Samantha twice and I have received no response... I have a property that I manage that is in need of a gutter, downspout and drain inspection. There are 7 buildings for a total of 30 units. They have issues in some areas where the downspouts are not draining properly. The downspout goes into a drain that goes out into the yard and there is a pop up drain that the rain water is supposed to come out of. That is not happening in some areas and some areas are missing the cap that pops up. We would like to get a price from you on how much you would charge to inspect all of gutters, downspouts and ground drains in the association. Someone from the board or I would like to be there when you look at the property. Basically, they want a list of any areas that aren't working properly and then a separate estimate on what it would cost to get those areas repaired. Is this something that you guys can do for us? Let me know and I can give you the address of the association. Thanks, Nikki
Vicinity of Glenmont Drive in Roanoke
I would like to get an estimate on having a new roof installed on my house along with a few bad peices of sheathing Thanks Jamie
Vicinity of Allison Avenue SW in Roanoke
Hello, I am looking for an estimate to repair the metal roof on my stand alone garage and for reglazing some windows.
Vicinity of Brookside Ln Se in Roanoke
I am just looking for quote to reside my house replacing existing vinyl siding.
Vicinity of Highland Ave in Roanoke
Need to replace gutters around front porch.
Vicinity of North Lake Drive in Roanoke
Roof leak on roof that was installed in 2009.
Vicinity of Nover Ave in Roanoke
Need 2 gutters replaced on a 40' garage and to install snow clefts on metal roof to protect the new gutters.
Vicinity of Sierra Drive in Roanoke
I need a quote for repairing my current windows and a quote for replacing my current windows.
Vicinity of in Roanoke
Roof leaking around chimney seal and probably needs replacing along with front guttering.Back roof has been replaced. Need to check into financing also if need to replace roof.If at all possible call after 5pm or you can email me at email provided.
Vicinity of Greenland Ave NW in Roanoke
I am inquiring about an estimate for a new roof and guttering for my home.
Vicinity of CORNELL DR NW in Roanoke
Roof is leaking and needing someone to repair or replace the roof.
Vicinity of Maiden LN SW in Roanoke
Replace existing gutters. Downspouts won't need replacing, as they appear to be in good condition. Thanks.
Vicinity of Apple Lane in Roanoke
My husband and I are exploring options to extend our current second story deck and possibly have a partially covered, partially uncovered space outside. It's not in great shape, so we may need to start over but hope to reuse the existing supports. We are also interested in having steps built down to our backyard/concrete patio area outside our walkout basement. We are looking for design ideas and costs. We may be interested in screening in part of the deck or creating a sunroom, possibly at another time depending on what we can afford. We would ideally love to have a covered/screened/possible sunroom area with some seating for five or so people. You guys came highly recommended from two of our friends! We look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of Fernway Drive in Roanoke
Need to replace current gutters and downspouts
Vicinity of Harrison in Roanoke
Need estimated for roof replacement. Will be in Roanoke Friday the 17 th for a week. This is an empty rental
Vicinity of Garden City Blvd in Roanoke
New siding and roof repairs
Vicinity of King George Ave in Roanoke
Need roofing vents installed in attic Mounting hook installed in a bedroom ceiling Need a separate gutter estimate for potential replacement
Vicinity of Whippletree Dr in Roanoke
We have some gutters that are in need of repair. We would like as estimate on that please.
Vicinity of Mcintosh Rd in Roanoke
Looking for estimates on a new roof and replacement windows
Vicinity of Howbert Ave Sw in Roanoke
We have some type of particle or wood siding on the backside of my home that is falling apart. I would like to have this removed and install some vinyl siding in its place.
Vicinity of Norway Ave NW in Roanoke
Front porch roof and soffit repair
Vicinity of Overland Rd SW in Roanoke
I have a few jobs that need attention and would love to have a quote for the work. We have a few shingles that have blown off that need to be replaced. We also have a small section of siding that needs to be repaired/replaced from where an awning was ripped down under the pressure of snow. We also have a shower that is leaking (believe it is leaking around the drain) but it's doesn't look like you all do that type of work? Thanks! Melissa
Vicinity of Lost Mountain Road in Roanoke
I'd like to get an estimate for vinyl siding and gutters.
Vicinity of in Roanoke
Gutters need replacing and interested in gutter guards
Vicinity of Edison Street NE in Roanoke
I need a roof replacement started with one contractor he skipped out on with no work being done.
Vicinity of Stephenson Avenue SW in Roanoke
Hardiplank siding, slate roof, downspouts and gutters
Vicinity of Woods Ave SW in Roanoke
I am the president of a condo association in Roanoke. One of our units is under contract and the inspection revealed a leak in the roof and a gutter problem. I do not know if the 2 items are related. I am looking for estimates for repairs. I am teacher and not available between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. but you can leave a message.
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