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A leaky roof or damaged shingles are typically the most obvious signs of roof damage. A professional roofer can help identify the areas of your roof that need attention and determine the best plan of action.

Everyone knows the roof of their house is important, but it's easy to forget just how important until something goes wrong. Don't wait until there's a roof leak, torn shingles, or other damage to think about the condition of your roof.

Even when there's no evidence of roofing problems, it's smart to have your roof inspected every year by an experienced roofing contractor.

Another time to schedule a roof inspection is after a severe storm. By taking care of basic roof maintenance and making minor roof repairs as required, you can avoid roof leaks that can damage your home and ruin your possessions.

Whether you are looking to fix a damaged roof, upgrade the look of your home with new roof installation, or replace missing or broken shingles, the expert team of roofers at All-In-One Home Solutions of Virginia can help. Our roofing services are available in and around the Greater Roanoke area.

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Roof concerns go beyond the roofing material

When a roofing contractor evaluates the condition of your roof, the primary concern will be the roofing shingles or other finished roofing material. Before deciding whether roof repair or new roof installation is right for you, there are some other areas of the roof that should also be inspected.

Make sure that your roofer also inspects the following elements:

  • Gutters and downspouts. Basements can flood and exterior details can be damaged if gutters and downspouts don’t move water off the roof and away from the foundation. Prevent this problem by making sure your gutters are free of clogs, your downspouts are connected securely, and any long gutter runs are pitched properly to minimize overflows.
  • Roof flashing. The roofing contractor should check the flashing around chimneys, vent stacks and skylights, as well as step and valley flashing.
  • Skylights. During a roof inspection, it’s also smart to inspect the glazing seals between the skylight glass and the aluminum glazing bars. Leaks in these areas can often be repaired with special sealant.
  • Roof ventilation. Soffit vents and ridge vents rarely require maintenance or repair, but gable vents can give insects and rodents access to your attic if they are not properly screened. These vents may need to be inspected from inside your attic as well as from the house exterior.

Before and After
  • Roof Coating
    Roof Coating

    Check out this roof coating that was done to restore the history in Fincastle.

  • Skylight Replacement in Blue Ridge
    Skylight Replacement in Blue Ridge

    This customer in Blue Ridge had a slow leak coming into his home and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We traced the problem back to his outdated skylight, and replaced it with a new Velux skylight, along with the surrounding boards and shingles, to insure a watertight seal that would prevent future leaking.

  • Metal Roof Install Vinton
    Metal Roof Install Vinton

    Replaced shingle roof with metal roof in Vinton

  • Bathroom Skylight Installation in Goodview
    Bathroom Skylight Installation in Goodview

    This customer contacted us because her bathroom had no windows, giving her no natural light. We installed this skylight above her shower to brighten up the room and lower her electricity costs!

  • Skylight Replacement in Roanoke
    Skylight Replacement in Roanoke

    These homeowners purchased this home that had 6 skylights in it but soon discovered that most of them were leaking from a faulty install! We replaced all 6 skylights so now they can utilize these beautiful features of their new home without worries of interior damage!

  • Improper Installation Causes Leak on Roanoke Home
    Improper Installation Causes Leak on Roanoke Home

    This customer had a leak coming into their home and could not find the source. To the naked eye, the roof appeared to be in decent condition. However, the roof on this addition to the home had been improperly installed. We removed the non-approved shingle application on this low-sloped roof addition, which was causing multiple leaks in the home due to the low pitch of the roofing structure. We installed a fully adhered EPDM roofing membrane which is specifically designed for low slope applications such as this to prevent this customer from experiencing future leaks.

  • Roof Replacement in Northwest
    Roof Replacement in Northwest

    This customer had poor experiences with contractors in the past, but we were able to provide her with a positive roofing experience! She had been having leaking issues with her roof on and off for the past 15 years. We replaced her old roof and damaged OSB with a new CertainTeed Landmark architectural roof in Cobblestone Gray.

  • Porch and Roof Repair in Historic Old Southwest
    Porch and Roof Repair in Historic Old Southwest

    In this historical home uplift, we removed the gutters from the rear-side facet and re-hung new gutters to ensure a proper slope for adequate water drainage. We then installed drip edge and sealed end caps. 


    For the porch, we removed the deteriorating original tongue and groove beadboard ceiling boards and replaced them with new ones to match the original. 

  • Lightning Damage Repair
    Lightning Damage Repair

    Lightning struck the roof of a house causing a hole. Repaired roof, reinstalled shingles to match, and reinstalled vent.

  • Chimney Cap in South Roanoke
    Chimney Cap in South Roanoke

    A cracked or crumbling chimney cap allows water to easily penetrate the roof surface and in many instances, an interior leak. This South Roanoke chimney was properly capped and sealed in conjunction with a full roof replacement to provide the best prevention of any future roof leaks.

  • Custom Copper Dormers
    Custom Copper Dormers

    Fabricated in-house, these custom copper dormers are not only a one-of-a-kind showstopper, but they also add tremendous value both aesthetically and investment-wise. Our craftsmen are the best in the valley when it comes to custom copper fabrications to upgrade your exterior to its highest potential. 

  • Grandin Village Roof Replacement
    Grandin Village Roof Replacement

    We replaced the roof on this house in Grandin Village with CertainTeed Landmark Pro Designer Architectural shingles in Weathered Wood. The customer called in because she noticed plaster flaking off the ceiling in her home and knew her roof was about 15 years old.

  • Total Home Makeover in Grandin Village!
    Total Home Makeover in Grandin Village!

    We replaced the roof, siding and gutters on this home in the Grandin area to give it a fresh new look! The roof on this house was 15 years old and had multiple leaks. The trusses supporting the roof were damaged, and all required replacement in order to preserve the integrity of the home. We did a full roof replacement and installed CertainTeed Landmark Pro Architectural shingles in Charcoal. The gutters were old and rusted, and failing to serve their purpose. We installed all new 5" seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts with gutter guards to properly direct water away from the home. We also completed a full siding replacement with CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Double 7" Straight Edge Perfection Shingles.

  • Roof Replacement Before & After
    Roof Replacement Before & After

    Full roof replacement with Certainteed Landmark Shingles.

  • Copper Chimney Cap Replacement in Roanoke, VA
    Copper Chimney Cap Replacement in Roanoke, VA

    This customer had an active leak coming in around their fireplace, so we replaced their old chimney cap with a beautiful new copper chimney cap.

  • Chimney Flashing Replacement
    Chimney Flashing Replacement

    This customer noticed water spots in their attic around their chimney. After contacting us to take a look, we discovered the flashing on the chimney had deteiorated and needed to be replaced.

  • Woven Valley Shingle Installation in Salem
    Woven Valley Shingle Installation in Salem

    This customer was experiencing leaking because their roof had not been properly installed. We replaced the roof and performed a woven valley shingle installation which will help to prevent ice and show build-up and decrease the risk of shingle damage due to high winds.

  • Salem Roof Replacement
    Salem Roof Replacement

    This customer contacted us after purchasing an older home, with no idea how old the roof was. She wasn't having any leaks or issues, yet, but wanted to be proactive as she knew it was an older roof and wanted to be safe from unexpected damages in the future. We replaced her old roof with CertainTeed Landmark shingles in Weathered Wood.

  • Roof Replacement in Salem
    Roof Replacement in Salem

    We were contacted by this customer after they discovered some water damage in their attic and found their roof to be missing some shingles. After further investigation, they discovered their roof was over 30 years old! We removed the old roof and replaced it with a CertainTeed Landmark architectural shingles in Colonial Slate.

  • Replace Chimney Flashing
    Replace Chimney Flashing

    This customer contacted us after they noticed a leak coming in around their brick chimney. We removed the old flashing and surrounding shingles, installed new flashing with the flashing return masonry cut into chimney, and installed new shingles to create a watertight seal and prevent further leaking issues.

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A new roof gives your house a new look

The functional condition of your roof is obviously your first priority. There are various reasons for a new roof, but many homeowners elect to have new roofing installed before the old roofing wears out, simply because a new roof can really upgrade a home's appearance. As experienced, professional Virginia roofing contractors, we can help you decide if roof replacement or installation makes sense for your needs and budget.

If you are considering a roof replacement, there are some exciting new roofing materials available – like composite shingles that look like old-fashioned roofing slates but are made from recycled rubber. Modern asphalt-fiberglass shingles have never looked better – especially the architectural grades that show off extra depth and texture.

Start by identifying your roofing needs

Over time, all roofs wear out and will eventually need to be replaced. If you wait too long to repair or replace the roof, you can end up with leaks and expensive damage. On the other hand, replacing the roof too soon is a waste of money. It's important to be aware of the common roofing problems and which ones should be dealt with right away.

The professionals at All-In-One Home Solutions can assess the condition of your roof and determine any early signs of roof failure. Contact us today for a free estimate in VA, including Greater Roanoke and surrounding areas.

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