3 Ways To Refresh A Ho-Hum Room In Your Home

3 Ways To Refresh A HoHum Room In Your Home - Image 1

When you first purchase your home, decorating is a fun project that you can spend months
perfecting. However, after a few years pass—you may come across a room or two that falls a
bit flat, or that you have never really gave much time or attention to. Consider the ideas below
for refreshing a ho-hum room.

Update The Walls

One of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to refresh a room is to update the
walls. While painting is one option, don’t forget wallpaper, wall decals, or even updating your
window treatments.

Rearrange Furniture

Another way to refresh a room is to rearrange the furniture. Begin by identifying the primary
function of the room, to ensure that the essentials remain. You should also consider if you
need to add or remove furniture to maximize function and improve flow.

Improve Lighting By Adding A Window, Or Creating More Artificial Light

Another excellent way to make a room in your home feel more welcoming is to improve the
lighting. If the room does not have much natural light, consider adding a skylight or window. If
the room already has a window, but the lighting is still poor—add a mirror adjacent to the
window to reflect more light. You can also add more lamps or light fixtures to brighten up the

Re-Accessorize and Refurbish

Sometimes all you need to do to make your home more inviting is re-accessorize. This is an
excellent option when the furniture in the room is the size, scale, and genre you desire—but
something extra is still missing. Consider re-accessorizing and refurbishing by:

●Purchasing or recovering your throw pillows
●Refinishing, repainting, or re-staining furniture
●Reupholstering furniture
●Switching out wall art
●Investing in new accessories—such as bowls, vases, area rugs, or candles
●Add a natural element—plants, twigs in a vase, or an indoor water element

Turn to one or all of the tips above to refresh any rooms in your home that are in need of a

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