Effects of Climate Change are Inevitable: Make Your Roof Disaster-Resilient

The roof experiences a lot of punishment from the weather in the form of rain, hail, heat, and UV rays. That’s why durability should play a big role in your decision making: your roof will be worthless if a weather event damages it beyond repair. A resilient roof should withstand all the harsh effects of the sun, wind, and snow, along with damage from debris and hail. Homeowners should not wait for their homes to get impaired by heavy snow, just like what happened to some properties in Virginia, as reported by

Southwest Virginia’s emergency crews continued Friday aiding people in tricky situations only worsened by record-breaking snow.
At least two commercial buildings in the Roanoke Valley collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. Snowdrifts up to 5 feet high blocked portions of U.S. 221 in Roanoke County and Virginia 8 in Floyd County. And rescuers were forced to carry people from homes in more than a foot and a half of snow just to get them to ambulances.
At Crotts Brothers Garage in the 400 block of Eighth Street in Salem, a large portion of the metal roof collapsed about 3 p.m. Thursday, owner W.G. Crotts said. No one was inside at the time.
Not much was damaged inside, but three cars Crotts owns that were parked outside were damaged.

How often do you check your roof? You ought to know that inspecting your roof regularly can save you from costly repairs afterwards. When you examine your exteriors, keep an eye out for missing shingles as well as blistering, rotting, and damaged flashing. If you notice any of these or even water damage, however, do not immediately decide on a roof replacement. All-In-One Home Solutions, one of the leading roofing contractors in Roanoke, VA, says that if a roof is not more than 15 years old, you can still opt for roof repairs as long as its main structure is still in good condition.

If you do plan on changing your roof, consider the weather issues specific to your locality. For instance, Virginia has a humid subtropical climate so you might want to think about getting durable metal roofing in Roanoke, VAand other surrounding areas because it is a light material that can reflect the sun’s rays and at the same time gives your home extra protection against storms.

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