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Friday, September 12th, 2014

Decks are a beautiful way to make use of outdoor space in your homes. They let you experiment with colors, designs and ideas to beautify your house and aesthetically improve its value. What is more, decks are also one of the most lucrative investments in home design. A well built deck can considerably increase the worth of your house on the real estate market. This makes designing your deck in the best way an important task for homeowners.

But with just so many decking options available today, it gets a little mind boggling for our homeowners to decide what they are looking for. The first step to any nice deck is the material you use for its construction. But this step is not as easy as going to the market and choosing whatever takes your fancy! The pros and cons of different materials need to be weighed before you determine the right deck material that suits your house.

To make things a little easier for you, here we take a look at some of the options available so you can make a more informed decision:

Aluminum Decking

For all those homeowners who are looking for something sustainable and low maintenance, this is the right choice! The best thing about aluminum is that it prevents decks from cracking or peeling off. It does not require repetitive paint jobs, nor does it absorb water which causes other materials to catch mold.

Aluminum is non-combustible and fireproof, and resistant to almost all kinds of weather conditions. It is a highly durable option, and a long term investment that is worth making.

Redwood and Cedar

If you are looking for something a little pricier, but beautiful at the same time, you can always opt for Redwood or Cedar heartwood. This beautiful, glowing wood is very durable; it can be your companion for as long as 20 years! Just like aluminum coated decks, it bears well under different climatic conditions, from extreme heat to severely damp conditions.

Redwood and Cedar are naturally resistant to insects, mold and decay, which makes them a good option if you are looking for low maintenance. Their texture and fibers render them to be easily cut into boards of various sizes, which add considerable versatility to this particular wood.

Pressure Treated Wood

Wood has been a long standing favorite for decking. And why not? Pressure treated wood is a durable, insect resistant material that not only improves the look of your deck but is also a long term investment.

Pressure treated wood is particularly good for areas with high moisture exposure. It is easy to care for: it only needs to be washed once a year with water and then with preservative seal to maintain its look and durability. If proper upkeep is maintained, pressure treated wood would not swell or split like many other decking materials. This makes is specifically attractive for homeowners who want their decks to look as good as new even 15 years down the lane!

Once you have chosen what material is best for your house, you can contact us and let All-In-One Home Solutions LLC do the rest for you!

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