Factors to Consider When Siding Your Home

Siding is just as important as roofing or any other house carpentry job for that matter. Siding protects your house from harsh climatic conditions like over exposure to heat or moisture, and from decay and erosion. If you want your house to look pretty, siding is one thing you have to give considerable attention to. However, many homeowners disregard just how important siding is, which results in them making all the wrong choices when it comes to this particular element.

At All-In-One Home Solutions LLC, we try to help you make the smart siding choice. If you are not sure where to begin when deciding which siding option to opt for, take a look at the factors which you should consider when looking for siding options:

Weather Conditions in Your Vicinity

Central to your decision of which material you should use for siding is the question of the kind of weather conditions your vicinity boasts. Different siding materials are suitable for different weather conditions. For instance, if you reside in a place which experiences a lot of rainfall, galvanized steel or moisture-resistant composites would be a better siding option than, say, Vinyl. Stone based materials without any wood fibers help siding to resist longer against wet climatic conditions and contribute to its longevity.

Similarly, if you live in an area that gets a lot of sunlight and exposure to heat, your siding options tend to differ. Materials like Vinyl, Exterior Plywood and Fiber Cement are attractive options to choose from to protect your house from extreme sunlight and heat.


An equally important consideration in determination of house siding is the costs involved. Homeowners need to consider not only the costs involved in installation, but they also need to bear in mind future expenses for repairs and maintenance.

Everyone prefers materials which are less costly to install, and require minimum repair and maintenance. Several materials tend to fold and crack over the years, while others endure the test of time better. Knowing which materials would require lowest possible maintenance would not only help you in choosing a cost effective siding option, but would also save you precious cash in the future.

Aesthetic Value of Your House

Although often ignored, the aesthetic value of your home is a significant consideration when choosing the right siding material. It is important for you to look at your siding not just as a protective cover; rather, it is an important element that can increase, or decrease, the value of your home!

When choosing siding for your house, give close attention to the style of your house, the color that would complement your house, and of course, your personal opinion! If your house is an ultra modern piece of architecture, you would not possibly want it covered in traditional shingles! Similarly, the choice of color or material needs to be in alignment with the overall look of your house, otherwise it can shave off considerable worth from your house.

With these little factors taken care of, you can make the right siding choice and protect your house in the best possible way!

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