Does Your House Need New Windows?

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It is often hard to tell, isn’t it? For some reason, homeowners tend to ignore house windows and doors unless they start creaking or completely come off their hinges! The reason for this ignorance is perhaps the fact that we don’t give proper time and attention to how well they are functioning. As long as we have a set of windows and door standing intact in their places, we think all is well. But actually, that could be quite deceptive.

Looking for little signs can help you determine when it is time to replace your old windows with new ones. A little care and attention can actually transform the look of your house, and the way you feel about it. Window replacement can bring a much needed change in your house interior and exterior, giving it a fresher and newer look.

Let’s look at some of the factors that scream: ‘it’s about time you change your windows!’

Your Windows Let More In Than They Keep Out

This is easily the first, and most prominent, indicator of a need for changing your windows. If your windows let more air, water and frost in than they keep out, there is no point in having them. Windows are supposed to protect your house from outside elements. If you feel that your windows let in too much draft or rain, then you should consider replacing them.

Similarly, if your windows leak or drip during wet seasons, it is also an indication that something is not quite right. Rather than spending money over and over again on fixing leaking windows, it is wiser, and more economical, to simply get new windows.

They Are In a Sorry State

If your windows are creaking a lot, and are hard to operate, then they have probably outrun their expected lives. Windows which get stuck when opening or closing, and are unusually lose around the hinges, indicate that they need to be either fixed or replaced.

Furthermore, if the windows are peeling off and cracking in places, it is more cost effective to get them replaced rather than getting them repaired. Blistering paint job and dilapidated looking windows ruin the look of your house, and should be replaced immediately.

They Look Outdated

At times, having the same windows for far too long can spoil the overall look of your house. Your house requires constant touch up to maintain that feeling of warmth and coziness we expect all houses to have. And you will be surprised how little changes can freshen and brighten up your house instantly. Simply changing your window frame or choosing a completely new set of windows to open up a view can change the way your house looks.

For instance, you can opt for French style, door to door windows to allow more sunlight into the house, giving it a more open look. Or, you can opt for tilt-ins for greater ventilation. Depending on the kind of look you are seeking to attain, replacing your windows can be an excellent shot at a little house renovation.

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