Siding Options for Your House

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Siding is an integral part of your house exterior. It not only needs to be functional but also needs to look good to create an impressive overall look for your house. Fortunately for homeowners, there are several siding options available to choose from. Whether your house is a colonial mansion or a contemporary abode, there is a siding option for every type.

The thing with house siding is that you cannot change or replace it frequently. It needs to go the distance for you, with as little repair and maintenance as possible. This means your decision needs to account for various factors before opting for a siding option that can stay functional for several years to come. Some of the siding options which you should consider before settling on the right one are:

Horizontal and Vertical Lap Siding

Most common in traditional and colonial houses, horizontal and vertical lap siding are easily one of the cheapest and widely available siding options. Made from wood, fiber cement, vinyl or aluminum, lap siding gives a rural-inspired look to your house. The vertical and horizontal lap siding emphasize the height or width of the house, respectively, helping to pronounce the features of your house that you seek to flaunt.


Stucco is an excellent choice if you are looking for siding option for a contemporary looking house. It is known for its ‘breathing’ characteristic, which lets air and moisture to pass through. But this attribute is available only in natural stucco; for homeowners using synthetic stucco, it is imperative to install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from building up inside the walls.

Wood Stripped Siding

Wood stripped siding is indeed one of the more modern approaches to house siding. Wood panels are used to create lapping on the siding, giving the house a very contemporary look. It is important, however, to install a waterproof membrane behind the wood panels to protect the interior of the house from any damage. Also, wood stripped lapping is one of the expensive options available; hence it is not too viable for those on a tight budget.


Metal has gained recent popularity, both as a roofing and siding option. It is highly durable, and works well for houses and buildings which have a contemporary aesthetic. Metal siding, normally made from corrugated steel and copper, requires little or no maintenance; this renders them immense popularity among those who are seeking a one and done siding option for their houses.

Brick and Stone

Brick and stone is a combination that has been used for siding since time immemorial, but still has not lost its charm. The greatest advantage, perhaps, of installing a brick and stone siding is the variety of patterns and textures you can choose from. Available in a plethora of colors, shapes and sizes, brick and stone have the ability to give a different texture to your house. They work as well with traditional houses as they do with modern ones, which gives them an edge in versatility.

You can contact All-In-One Home Solutions LLC for more siding options which can help you accentuate the look of your house.

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