A Comfy Cozy Winter Deck

A Comfy Cozy Winter Deck - Image 1

Winter is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be able to venture outdoors for some fresh air. To make sure your deck is both comfy and cozy this winter season, consider the following.

Increased Lighting

It will start going dark much earlier in the day, so look for a few ways to increase the lighting on your deck. This can be achieved by the use of outdoor string lighting, outdoor lanterns, and adding outdoor light fixtures or motion sensor lights. Additional lighting is ideal if you have kids who will continue to play outdoors regardless of the weather or time of year, if you like to grill year-round, or if you have a pet that you let out to roam or potty.

Consider a Heat Element

The cooler weather may be what is keeping you from heading outdoors. To make your deck more comfortable during the winter months, consider adding a heating element—such as heat lamps, a fire pit, or an outdoor fire place. As an added bonus, these all increase lighting.

Add Some Protection From The Elements

While a fully enclosed deck may not be what you are looking for, some protection from the elements can go a long way. This could be an area with overhead protection, or a strategically placed wall or two.

Decorate With Seasonal Plants

Many of your spring and summer potted plants will not thrive in the winter, so switch them out for decorative seasonal plants. False cypress, juniper, and variegate winter creeper are all options to consider. You can even add branches to pots to create a nature inspired décor.

Switch Out Your Deck Furniture

During the spring and summer, you may opt for cushy and comfortable outdoor furniture; however, your more formal pieces may need to be moved in for the winter season. During the winter months, utilize your built-in seating areas and plastic outdoor furniture. To increase comfort, keep a waterproof blanket to sit on by your patio door—and a cozy warm blanket to cover you up.

 At All-In-One Home Solutions, we can build you a deck that is both beautiful, and cozy!  Contact us today for a free estimate!

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