Ensuring Your Home Is Winter Ready

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Before you know it winter will be soon here, so now is the time to ensure that you are prepared for the cooler months ahead. Below are just a few of the proactive tasks you can complete to make sure that your home is kept warm and toasty this winter.

Inspect Your Roof And Gutters

If it has been a while since you have inspected your roof, now is a good time. It is better to have roof repairs addressed now, instead of waiting until winter is here. Get out your binoculars and walk around your home to look for—discoloration, missing shingles, curling shingles, and damage fasting. Also, look for dented and damaged gutters, and make sure your gutters are clean.

If you have an attic and chimney, now is the ideal time to look for any pinholes of light in either. Also, have your chimney cleaned if you have not had it cleaned since last winter.

Inspect Your Siding

With proper repairs and maintenance, siding can last anywhere from 30 to 100 years. Now is a good time to pressure wash your home, especially if it has been a while, and perform a thorough inspection. What you are looking for are warped areas, bubbling, mold, and mildew around the seams.

Inspect Your Windows

Even if your windows are fairly new, now is a good time to look for any gaps, cracks, or weather stripping that may need to be replaced. If your windows are drafty, then it may be time to consider having them entirely replaced.

Inspect Your Foundation

While you are walking around the exterior of your home inspecting your windows, roof, and siding—also keep an eye out for any gaps and cracks in your foundation that need to be sealed.

Have Your Water Heater And HVAC System Serviced

Don’t wait until winter to have your water heater and HVAC system serviced, which is when your need for heat and warm water is more important than ever. Now is a perfect time for your annual tune-up, and also a great time to replace any necessary filters—or clean your reusable filters.

At All-In-One Homes, we are happy to assist with any needs for repairing, maintaining, and replacing your Roof, Gutters, Deck, Windows, Siding, and Soffits.

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