5 Ways To Customize Your New Deck

5 Ways To Customize Your New Deck - Image 1

If you have decided it is time to add a deck to your home, or perhaps have your current deck rebuilt—you may be looking for ways you can have your deck customized. If you are looking for a deck that is more comfortable and memorable than a standard square or rectangular deck—allow the 5 custom ideas below to provide you with a bit of inspiration.

Built-In Features

The built-in features you select for your deck, depend entirely upon what you will be utilizing your deck for. Below are a few built-in features to consider.

  • Storage for outdoor toys and sporting equipment
  • Seating
  • Planters
  • Entertainment Center
  • Outdoor Fireplace

Multi-Level Decks

There are many ways in which a multi-leveled deck will make your deck a more valuable addition to your home. Multilevel decks can create separate rooms in which different activities are achieved. One area could be dedicated to your hot tub, while another could be an elegant dining area, and another a play section for your kids.

Semi-Enclosed Decks

A semi-enclosed deck can drastically increase your ability to enjoy your new deck year-round. Your enclosure can provide shade during the warm summer months, protection from the rain, and provide privacy when lounging in the hot tub.

Garden Retreat

Having a new deck added to your yard does not mean that you need to sacrifice the natural elements you enjoy when outdoors. We can work with you to design a custom deck that has built-in planters, areas designated for potted plants, hanging planters and we can even add areas for crawling plants such as sweet pea or wisteria. We can even add water elements to increase the tranquility of your new deck.

Outdoor Eating And Dining

If grilling and dining out doors is something you and your family enjoy, we can create an outdoor eating and dining area that rivals your indoor amenities. We can add everything from counter space, drawers and cupboards, a comfortable built-in dining area, and even room for you to add an outdoor fridge and oven.

While the ideas above are an excellent way to personalize your deck, these are just a handful of the customized options we have for you to choose from.

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