Should You Install Gutters?

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If you have recently purchased a home that did not come with gutters, or are wondering whether you should add gutters to a home you have owned for years—you may be curious as to what benefit there is to having gutters installed. Below are answers to some of the most common questions regarding gutters, and why you should consider having them installed.

What Do Gutters Do?

Many homeowners choose to add gutters to their home to reroute and funnel rainwater and melted snow from their roof. Without gutters, the ground directly around your home can quickly become waterlogged—which is potentially damaging to your foundation and landscaping, and increases the likelihood of water leaking into the basement. Without gutters, you may also experience a waterfall-like runoff when it rains heavily.

How Long Do Gutters Last?

As with most of the external elements of your home, such as your siding and roof—gutters are available in a variety of different materials. The materials you select will determine the lifespan of your gutters. With proper maintenance, vinyl gutters last approximately 10 years, and metal gutters can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

What Kind Of Maintenance Do Gutters Require?

If you currently have gutters, or are going to have gutters installed—it is essential to stay on top of your gutter maintenance. While the gutter’s primary job is to capture rainwater—leaves, dirt, and debris will inevitably find their way into your gutters. This means you must keep an eye out for clogs in your gutters during the rainy season. At minimum, you should clean your gutters twice per year—both in the fall and then again in the spring.

Other than regular cleaning, you must also look for signs of damage from branches hitting your gutter during a windstorm, or from the weight of snow and ice denting or damaging your gutters.

If you live in the Lynchburg, Virginia area and would like to have gutters installed, replaced, or cleaned—give All-In-One Home Solutions a call today at 1-540-589-7676.

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