Home Repair And Maintenance Tips For First Time Home Owners

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Congratulations—you just purchased a new home! So what now? While you are sure to be busy doing things like selecting window treatments, considering new flooring, and wall covering—you may also be wondering what other new responsibilities you must take on now that you no longer have a landlord to call when you need to have home maintenance and repairs completed. Below is a quick checklist of items all new home owners must do to ensure they protect their new investment.

Create A Quarterly Maintenance And Repair Checklist

As a homeowner, you will need to create a quarterly maintenance and repair checklist—as well as a schedule for how often you want to replace major home items such as appliances, windows, and your roof.

It is easiest if you break the checklist down by the four seasons. An excellent checklist is available at Better Homes and Gardens—but make sure you customize your checklist to your specific needs. For example, if you have fairly warm weather all year-round, your checklist will look different than someone who lives somewhere with four very distinct seasons.

Learn What DIY Tasks Are Realistic For Your Skill Set

As you are creating your quarterly maintenance and repair checklist, you are likely to find that many of the items on the list are items you can learn to do yourself. Determine which tasks you already know how to do, which you need to learn how to do—and which ones need to be outsourced to a trusted and reliable Virginia contractor.

Find Trusted And Reliable Home Repair And Maintenance Experts

Now that you have determined which tasks on your quarterly maintenance and repair checklist are outside of your skill set, you need to begin looking for a trusted and reliable home repair and maintenance expert. It is important to do this sooner rather than later, so that you are not left scrambling if an emergency arises—such as a plumbing issue. Identify local professionals such as:




Lawn and Garden


Pest and Rodent Control

Home Exterior—siding, roof, gutters, deck, windows, ect.

If you are looking for a home exterior professional in the Lynchburg, VA area—simply give All-In-One Home Solutions a call today at 1-540-589-7676.

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