Give Your Home A Fresh New Look With Exterior Window Trim And Treatments

Give Your Home A Fresh New Look With Exterior Window Trim And Treatments - Image 1

Every so often you are likely to update your home interior to give your home a fresh new look and feel. While it is easy to update the interior of your home, you may be looking for ways in which you can update the exterior of your home too. An excellent way of updating your home exterior is with exterior window trim and treatments such as the options below.


You have two choices when it comes to shutters—decorative or functional. Functional shutters are just that—they reside on both sides of your windows, and can be open or closed as you wish. Decorative shutters also reside on both sides of your windows, but do not open or close to function as true shutters.

Window Trim

Window trim essentially serves as a frame for your windows. As with internal picture frames, the shape, size, and detail of your trim can give your windows an entirely different feel. Even if you already have window trim, consider updating your trim—or perhaps painting your trim a different color.


Awnings are both functional and decorative, and they are available in a wide range of makes and models. Adding awnings can even improve energy efficiency, and allow you to shelter from the rain and snow during the cooler winter months.

Planter Boxes

Adding planter boxes to your windows allows you to personalize your home exterior, and add a pop of color—as well as an additional touch of nature. You can choose from planter boxes that can be removed during the fall and winter, or planter boxes that remain on your home’s exterior all year-round. If you keep your planter boxes on during the fall and winter, look for ways you can decorate them with fall leaves, bare branches, and sprigs of winter foliage.

Add A Decorative New Window

Another excellent way to give both the interior and exterior of your home fresh new look is to add a decorative new window. Consider adding:

An entirely new window to your home

Adding a series of ceiling- level windows to add more lights

Replacing a fairly standard window with a larger decorative window

For more ways in which you can improve your home’s exterior with new windows, new siding, or new soffits—give All-In-One Home Solutions a call today at 1-540-589-7676 to schedule your free consultation.

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