Home Repair And Maintenance Projects You Should Leave To The Pros

Home Repair And Maintenance Projects You Should Leave To The Pros - Image 1

One of the joys of being a homeowner is the sense of accomplish gained when you successfully
complete your own home projects. While there are many DIY projects you can research online,
or learn how to do at your local home and garden store, there are many that should be left in
the hands of a professional—such as the projects listed below.

Electrical Concerns

While you may be able to tackle a simple blown fuse—rewiring or adding new electrical
devices to your home (such as a ceiling fan) should be left in the hands of a professional
electrician. Otherwise, you may run the risk of costly damage to your home’s electrical system,
as well as personal injury.

Large Plumbing Projects

The good news is that there are many plumbing repairs you can learn to do on your own. This
includes fixing leaky faucets, replacing broken parts in your toilet tank, and fixing the
occasional clogged drain.

However, you must reach out to a local Roanoke plumber for ongoing plumbing issues such as
frequent clogs—or for major concerns such as repairing broken or damage pipes.

Even if you leave all plumbing repairs to the pros, take the time to learn where your water
shut-off valves are.

Roof Repairs And Maintenance

As a home owner, you may learn how to replace missing shingles, or how to secure peeling or
buckling shingles. You may also clean and inspect your roof. While there are many minor roof
repairs you can learn to do yourself, you must not underestimate the importance of having a
professional inspect your roof. Oftentimes, the need for repair is an indication that there is a
larger problem that needs to be addressed.

Replacing And Repairing Broken Windows

While you may be able to add weather stripping or caulking to cracks and gaps, it takes expert
precision and accuracy to replace or repair broken windows or windowpanes. Tackling such a
project without the proper training or tools can lead to unnecessary costly damage—and such
damage may leave your home exposed to the elements.

Unless you are trained in the technical skills required to safely complete the tasks above, reach
out to a trusted Roanoke professional for repairs and maintenance.

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