Energy Efficient Upgrades To Consider

Energy Efficient Upgrades To Consider - Image 1

If it has been a while since you have evaluated the energy efficiency in your home, consider
the upgrades below. Some will require a large investment, some a minimal investment—and
all will pay for themselves time and time again.

Creative Landscaping

Your primary goal when selecting your landscaping may be to beautify your yard and increase
your property value—but don’t forget the role that your landscaping plays in improving the
energy efficiency of your home. For example, planting trees, shrubs, or any tall landscaping
features that create shade can help to cool your home in the warmer summer months.

Investing In A Home Management System

Home management systems are inventions born out of advanced technology, which allow you
to measure and manage your home’s energy efficiency. This includes technology that allows
you to control your lighting and heating from other rooms in your home—or from anywhere
with an Internet connection. Home management systems will also advise you as to areas of
opportunity in your energy efficiency, such as the best time of day to do laundry.

Identifying More Energy Efficient Electric Products

Each and every time you purchase something that requires electricity, invest time in identifying
whether or not there is an energy efficient option. Almost every home electric appliance or
home staple is available with an Energy Star options, such as:

●Light Bulbs
●Light Fixtures
●Home Electronics
●HVAC System
●Appliances—countertop kitchen appliances, as well as staples such as dishwasher,
washing machine, and dryer

Home Exterior

There are many elements of your home exterior that can be repaired, replaced, or improved to
increase your energy efficiency. Even if you have fairly new exterior elements, you must keep
them well-maintained in order to ensure that they are providing you maximum efficiency. This
includes your:

●Custom Decks That Increase Shade

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